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Newsletter Archives > Monthly Health Newsletter: August 2008 Health Newsletter

August 2008 Health Newsletter

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» Chiropractors Treats The Source, Not Just The Symptom
» Chiropractic Care Offers A Better Quality Of Life
» Vitamin C - The New Cancer Fighter?
» We Want A Health Care Overhaul

Chiropractors Treats The Source, Not Just The Symptom
As the economy continues to wander in unpredictable directions, the number of stress-related health ailments continues to rise. According to a recent Associated Press-AOL Health Poll, some of the more common stress-related ailments include headaches as well as overall stress-induced pain in various parts of the body. It's a good thing that most chiropractors are specially trained to deal with these rather common stress-related aches and pains. In fact, many chiropractors are not only experts in the soft tissues of the body and their related conditions, but additionally, are extremely knowledgeable in those things that degrade overall health and wellness, including stress. Many chiropractors also offer health and wellness related care programs in addition to the more medically-based, and some would argue, less logical symptom-based care. For instance, if you're suffering from headaches due to stress and/or improper posture, it makes far more sense to treat the stress and/or postural deficiencies than to simply seek temporary relief through the ingestion of pain medication. Without properly addressing the cause of the health problem, there is little chance to completely resolve the problem or prevent it from returning in the future. If you're suffering from stress-related aches and pains, give chiropractic a try. Chiropractic is safe, chiropractic is natural and chiropractors focus on the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms it produces.

Source: Associated Press. June 9, 2008.
Copyright: LLC 2008

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Chiropractic Care Offers A Better Quality Of Life
A number of studies have shown patients are more likely to be satisfied with their health care experience during a chiropractic visit when compared to a medical visit. One of the likely reasons is that chiropractors tend to educate their patients on their health condition. Actually, one of the wonderful qualities of a chiropractic doctor is their willingness to educate their patients. In a recent study published in the prestigious international journal Spine, researchers found women suffering from chronic low back pain who participated in back school had a significantly improved quality of life score when compared with those who had not participated. Not familiar with the term back school? Well as the name suggests, back school is simply a term referring to any program offered by a health care professional or related company that educates individuals on their back and spine. This includes the back and spinal anatomy, proper postural techniques, training in specific occupational-related tasks and techniques as well as other tips and suggestions to prevent future and manage current back and spinal related problems. While some chiropractors have their own formal back schools in place, most simply provide similar information to their patients on a more personalized, one-on-one environment. Interested in improving your quality of life? It could be as simple as calling your local doctor of chiropractic.

Source: Spine. 33(15):1617-1621, July 1, 2008.
Copyright: LLC 2008

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Vitamin C - The New Cancer Fighter?
New research shows vitamin C may have the potential to fight cancer in humans. While this particular study focused on ovarian, pancreatic and brain tumors in laboratory mice (considered aggressive cancers), these results could likely have similar effects in humans. In the study, researchers injected high doses of vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, to allow for larger concentrations in the mice. For those mice receiving the vitamin C injections, cancerous tumor growth was half that of the mice that did not receive the vitamin C injections. The researchers believe that the large amounts of vitamin C produce hydrogen peroxide within the body that kills cancer cells but doesn't appear to harm the normal cells. Their next step will be to test their findings on humans.

Source: National Institutes of Health. August 4, 2008.
Copyright: LLC 2008

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We Want A Health Care Overhaul
Been to the doctor lately? What about a recent surgery? Even if you haven't, simply paying your health insurance premiums will be enough for you to understand how expensive health related costs have become. In fact, the premiums for family health insurance increased from $1,275 in 1996 to $2,890, and for single coverage, from $342 in 1996 to $788 in 2006. For those of you without insurance, cost is most likely the reason. This is the primary reason why more than 80 percent of Americans feel our health system is due for, excuse our choice of words, a stick of dynamite. What's more, 32 percent of Americans agree that the health system is in need of an overhaul while 50 percent believe it would require a fundamental change. Only 16 percent of adults believe the health care system works relatively well with only minor changes needed. With these staggering cost increases, a 16 percent satisfaction rate and close to 50 million Americans uninsured, what exactly are we waiting for?

Source: Harris Interactive Poll. August 7, 2008.
Copyright: LLC 2008

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